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Serving the Metroplex since 1986

There are so many benefits to being a homeowner and there are many things that can be aggravating, time consuming and expensive.

Here at Texas Waterboys Inc., we handle all residential drainage,irrigation and landscaping needs. We are a versatile company that strives towards taking on all of those tasks that are time consuming, overwhelming and expensive to the homeowner. We are fully licensed and insured. We use all of our own equipment and tools for every job. The homeowner really just needs to point us in the right direction of the problem and then can leave the rest up to us.

Our Specialization

Some of the services we provide in addition to Residential Irrigation are:

  • Installing Drainage Systems
  • Landscaping
  • Sprinkler Installation Irrigation System
  • French Drain System
  • Power Washing
  • Waterproofing
  • Gutter Cleaning

We handle all maintenance and installation of everything that involves the outside of your house. We use only environmentally friendly materials and we can custom design your landscaping or other custom needs.

Other Services Include:

  • Complete Landscaping
  • Concrete Coring and Boring
  • Ponds and Fountain Installations
  • Power Washing

We handle all maintenance and installation of everything that involves the outside of your house. We use only environmentally friendly materials and we can custom design your landscaping or other custom needs. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you find the services provided by Texas Waterboys Inc. to be exactly what you have been looking for. Our prices are competitive, but our services can’t be beat. No job is too big or small for us to handle.

“It’s not enough to just meet your customer’s expectations, you must exceed them!”

Rogers McFerrin

Did You Know?

Texas Waterboys

Texas Waterboys is state licensed and is a certified irrigation contractor. With over 25 years experience in servicing and installing irrigation systems, you will enjoy a lush, green and hassle-free lawn and years of dependable, economical operation.

Believe It or Not

Too much water on a lawn or bed can be just as damaging to the plants, turf, and your property as a lack of water.

Shifing Foundations

Shifting foundations, standing or improper water flow, molds and fungi, and breeding insects are all issues that result from drainage issues that need to be addressed.

A Modern Irrigation System

modern irrigation system with precise design, accurate water distribution and detailed programming will protect your landscape investment while conserving valuable water resources.

Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor

The Wireless Rain and Freeze Sensor prevents your automatic sprinkler system from watering during a storm and is controlled by remote so there is no wiring to string to your timer. The rain sensor is adjustable to accommodate rainfall from 1/8 In. to 1 In. The freeze sensor reduces hazards and damage to your pipes from freezing water.

Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation waters with pinpoint accuracy. Plain and simple. That means less wasted water and more control. Micro-spray is delivered through micro tubing to a series of nozzles attached to risers. These risers may be fixed or designed to pop-up. In either case, it is easy to see that they are functioning, eliminating the most commonly voiced complaint about drip irrigation.

Other Landscape Services

Once your new sprinkler and or drainage system has been installed you might need some of our other services. Whether you need grading, sod or landscaping, one of our professionals will be more than willing to fulfill your site needs.

Think Green with Texas Waterboys

Drip irrigation is the most water efficient method of irrigating. While sprinkler systems are around 75-85% efficient, drip systems typically are 90% or higher. What this means is much less wasted water! For this reason drip is the preferred method of irrigation in the dryer regions of the United States.

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  • Brandon is an excellent representative for Texas Waterboys. He is professional and knowledgeable. He is the reason she uses Texas Waterboys. 10/24/12
  • Pascual and Josue did a great job, will call us in the future for work. Cleaned up and were very professional! 12/4/12
  • The technicians just finished their work at my house. I wanted to let you know that I thought they did a very good job. The technician quickly determined that the controller box was fine except for one connection, which he quickly fixed without having to replace the box. The other work, which included fixing a leak in the front yard and finding and fixing a problem in the back yard, was completed quickly as well. If you guys ever need a reference, let me know.
    Mark in Allen, Texas
  • Orozco and helper. So refreshing to have technicians arrive on time, work the entire time, and do a good job.4/30/13
  • ose’s crew was very professional and did an excellent job! 4/22/13
  • Miguel’s crew were very professional and cleaned up very well. 4/23/13
    Charles S.
  • Orozco and helper were very nice guys and did a good job. 4/4/13
    D. Turner
  • Hi, I just wanted to send a quick note about the service that your guys, Orozco and Adan, just got finished doing. They were great! So nice and friendly and quick! They ended up repairing two leaks and then adding a sprinkler head and raising up several others. They were so fast!! And the price was awesome! Thank you so much! You have gained a loyal customer! Keep up the great work! Thank you! 6/11/13
  • The guys were awesome - explained everything. They were quick and neat! 7/03/13
  • I loved Orozco and Adan and I only want them as my preferred techs! 7/2013
  • Techs were working hard, smiling, and very polite. Yall do cost a little bit more than other companies, but it’s because yall send techs like that-why I continue to use yall! 7/25/2013
  • Mark, Jose, Crew, and the Company has been outstanding! 8/23/2013
    Sam R

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