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What is a French drain?

A French drain is a type of drainage system that collects surface and sub-surface water. Typically, French drains in Dallas are installed around the foundation of buildings to prevent water from going underneath. They are also installed in areas that constantly remain wet even if it has not rained for days. If you are only having standing water issues after it rains,then you will not need a French drain; instead, you will need surface drains to collect the surface water. You can find our other type of drainage systems by visiting our drainage services page.

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Dallas French Drain Installation

How is a French
drain installed in Dallas?

A deep trench needs to be dug in the problem area. If installing the French drain around the foundation of a building, the depth of the drain needs to be at least 5" below the foundation. This is to ensure no water can go under the building. The French drain consists of laying filter fabric in the trench, back filling the trench partially with gravel, installing a 4" S&D perforated pipe that is wrapped with fabric on the gravel and then back filling the rest of the trench with gravel. Gravel will be visible from the surface.

For most French drains in Dallas, a sump pump is required to expel the water to the desired location. The reason for this is the drainpipe is usually several feet below the surface of the ground and due to that,it does not provide enough “fall” to drain the water properly. Water cannot go against gravity by having the drainpipe pitch up towards the surface.

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What is involved with scheduling an appointment to install a French drain? 

1. Call our office at 972-733-4343 or you may submit a form on-line.
2. Someone will be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our Dallas managers.
3. Our Dallas Manager will then go to the property to assess the problem area.
4. Allow a week to receive the written estimate by email.
5. After receiving your approval, we will then schedule the installation!

Dallas French Drain Installation
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