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Why is it important to maintain my sprinkler system?

Just like your car, a sprinkler system requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently. Over time, the sprinkler parts will have wear and tear which will need to be repaired to operate efficiently. Without regular maintenance, you will have issues with your sprinkler system such as broken parts or even leaks that may go unnoticed until you start seeing your water bills higher than usual or receive a notice by the City of Dallas.

Regular sprinkler maintenance helps provide the water to your lawn, trees and landscape needed to stay healthy. A clogged nozzle will cause these areas not to receive adequate water. And by the time you notice your lawn, there will be areas of browning and then, it may be too late to save your plants. Also, with regular sprinkler repair check-ups, these issues can be diagnosed before the lawn or plants suffer.

Dallas Sprinkler Repair Adjusting Rotor

What are the most common sprinkler repair issues in Dallas?

- Broken or leaking sprinkler heads.
- Dirty or clogged sprinkler nozzles.
- Broken PVC pipes.
- Drip leaks
- Sprinkler valves not opening or closing all the way.
- Sprinkler controller not working correctly.
- The battery in the rain and freeze sensor has gone bad.

To solve these common issues, we recommend our licensed sprinkler technicians come to your property to perform a complete sprinkler system check.

Dallas Sprinkler Repair Broken Pipe

What is involved with scheduling an appointment for sprinkler repair?

1. Call our office at 972-733-4343 or you may submit a form on-line.
2. Someone will be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our Dallas service irrigation repair technicians.
3. The service irrigation repair technicians come to your house on the designated day and time to make any necessary repairs or adjustments.
4. You now have a have an irrigation system that works properly providing a happy irrigated lawn!

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Dallas Sprinkler Repair Fixing Broken Pipe

Do you install smart Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers?

Yes, we do! We install Hunter Hydrawise Smart Wi-Fi controllers. Upgrade your existing controller today to start saving water and to operate the sprinkler system when you are away from home on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Learn More On The Hydrawise Website
Dallas Sprinkler Repair Replacing Controller
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