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Common Sprinkler Repairs In Princeton

There are some of the most common sprinkler issues we see in Princeton that require the sprinkler system to be repaired

Broken head

Broken head

The most common sprinkler repair is a broken head. This usually happens when a car drives over it or just normal wear and tear.

Broken nozzle

Broken nozzle

The second most common sprinkler repair is a broken nozzle. This usually happens when debris get stuck or from a lawn mower.

Broken PVP pipe

Broken PVC pipe

PVC pipes usually break from the connections becoming loose over time or tree roots breaking the pipe.

Leaking or stuck valve

Leaking or stuck valve

Valves can become stuck over normal wear and tear or when a piece of debrie becomes stuck. This forces the valve to keep passing water.

Cut wire

Cut wire

Cut wires usually occur when doing landscape work or from tree roots slowly pulling the wire or connections loose.

Malfunctioning controller

Malfunctioning controller

Over time your sprinkler controller can start to malfunction causing one or possibly all the sprinkler zones not to work.

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Princeton Recent Work Repairing Broken Sprinklers

Our past work repairing broken sprinklers in Princeton

What our Princeton clients say

Read about some of our happy customers experiences regarding their sprinkler repairs at their homes

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"Reliable and knowledgeable team for sprinkler repair. The technicians addressed the issue promptly, ensuring my system functions optimally."


Princeton Customer
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"Impressed with the professionalism displayed during my sprinkler repair. The team was efficient, and the repair was completed to my satisfaction."


Princeton Customer
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"Excellent work on my sprinkler repair. The team demonstrated expertise, leaving my system in top-notch condition."


Princeton Customer
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Frequently Asked Questions For Our Princeton Sprinkler Repair Customers

Learn more about the most commonly asked questions regarding sprinkler repair in Princeton from our past work

How do I know if my sprinkler system needs repair?

Watch out for signs such as uneven watering, low water pressure, or areas of your lawn not getting sufficient water. If you notice any of these issues, it's time to consider professional sprinkler repair services.

What are the common reasons for sprinkler system malfunctions?

Sprinkler systems may face issues due to clogged nozzles, damaged pipes, valve problems, or even electrical faults. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can address these issues and ensure your system works efficiently.

How often should I schedule sprinkler system maintenance to prevent costly repairs?

Regular maintenance, ideally on an annual basis, can help identify and fix minor problems before they escalate. This proactive approach not only prevents unexpected breakdowns but also extends the lifespan of your sprinkler system.

What should I do if my sprinkler system is leaking or flooding my lawn?

A leaking or flooding sprinkler system requires immediate attention. Turn off the system, locate the source of the issue, and contact a professional sprinkler repair service to assess and fix the problem promptly. Delaying repairs can lead to water wastage and potential damage to your landscape.

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How often should I get my sprinkler system checked?

We recommend that you at least get your sprinkler system checked once a year around March. This is the time when people usually start using their sprinkler system after having it turned off for the winter. By having the system checked it helps ensure that there are no leaks and to ensure proper coverage for your landscape.

How do I turn off my water to the sprinkler system?

Turn off your sprinkler system at the backflow preventer. This is usually at your DCA, which is located normally in a green rectangular box located near your water meter. In order to turn it off you need to turn one of the two handles 90 degrees to shut off the water. It's best to try and do both if possible.

Do you install WiFi sprinkler controllers?

Yes, we do install WiFi controllers for sprinkler systems. We use Hunter Hydrawise controllers. You can operate the sprinkler system from your phone, tablet or computer. Learn more at https://www.hydrawise.com/

How do I make a sprinkler repair appointment?

You can call our office at 972-733-4343 or submit a form submission below.

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Princeton Local Events and Water Restrictions

Princeton Sprinkler Repair

Texas Waterboys is located in Carrollton, Texas. We have been serving the Princeton community, since 1986. We specialize in repairing broken sprinkler systems.

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Princeton Water Restrictions

Did you know that you have water restrictions regarding outdoor water use when using your sprinkler system? Find out when you are allowed to water!

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Nearby Towns and Suburbs

Lowry Crossing is to the south.

New Hope is to the south-west.

McKinney is to the west.

Branch is to the north-west.

Farmersville is to the north.

Melissa is to the north-east.

Lavon is to the east.

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History of Princeton

Pioneering Soil and Agricultural Echoes (1870s):

  • Roots in the Soil: Princeton's chronicle begins in the 1870s, with settlers drawn to the area's fertile land, shaping its destiny in agriculture.
  • Harvests of Cotton: The early years witnessed a tapestry of cotton fields, portraying the agrarian heartbeat that pulsed through Princeton.

Railroads and the Tapestry of Growth (Late 19th Century):

  • Tracks of Transformation: The late 19th century welcomed the Houston and Texas Central Railway, knitting Princeton into the fabric of progress.
  • Incorporation Threads (1888): The town officially incorporated in 1888, marking a deliberate stitch in its journey, accompanied by the establishment of local governance.

Diversification Amid Economic Seasons:

  • Agricultural Symphony: Though agriculture remained the melody, the 20th century brought economic harmonies diversifying Princeton's economic repertoire.
  • Lake Lavon Waters (1950s): The creation of Lake Lavon not only provided vital water resources but also mirrored the town's adaptability to changing tides.

Suburbanization's Canvas and Modern Palette (20th Century):

  • Highways and Horizon Expansion: Princeton's canvas evolved in the latter 20th century with suburbanization, as highways unfurled, connecting the town to the expansive Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.
  • Population Petals Bloom: The town blossomed, drawing residents seeking the equilibrium of suburban life and urban proximity.

Modern Princeton: A Tapestry of Tomorrow:

  • Suburban Symphony: Today, Princeton is a vibrant suburban composition, a tableau of residential, commercial, and industrial brushstrokes.
  • Educational Anchors: The Princeton Independent School District orchestrates educational notes, nurturing the minds that will shape Princeton's future.
  • Community Threads: Local services, governance, and events weave the community fabric, fostering a sense of belonging.

Conclusion:Princeton, a canvas woven with the threads of agriculture, railroads, and suburbanization, stands as a testament to adaptation and resilience. From its pioneering days to a modern suburban landscape, Princeton's journey echoes the larger narrative of Texas towns navigating the currents of change and progress.

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